Social Media Analytics News - April 9 2012

Today's global headlines in social media analytics

- BehaviorMatrix launches behavioral analytics platform to analyze human emotion, giving brands 'unprecedented' ability to measure the full range of emotional connections, perceptions and social momentum responsible for consumer behaviour.


- Social media monitoring, analytics, and services provider Visible Technologies signs agreement to acquire Cymfony.


- Cloud infrastructure automation specialist Opscode announces deployment of Opscode Hosted Chef by marketing services company SolutionSet to accelerate delivery of its digital marketing services.


- TIBCO Software Inc. unveils technology for big data analysis called TIBCO ActiveSpaces 2.0 that helps companies mine real-time digital, social and event streams together with business transactions and other traditional data sources, enabling slicing and dicing of ‘data at rest’ together with ‘data in motion’ for more in-depth analysis.


- Pinterest is third most popular social media website in the US since February 2012, according to a new research study by Experian Marketing Services.