Big Data News - April 4 2012

Today's global headlines in big data

- SAP expands its business intelligence application offerings with new predictive analysis software that helps businesses tap into big data, with new software set to compete against predictive analysis products from IBM, SAS Institute and other vendors.


- IBM launches DB2 10 and InfoSphere Warehouse 10 software, which integrates with big data systems, automatically compresses data into tighter spaces to prevent storage sprawl, and slices information from the past, present and future to eliminate expensive application code.


- Amplidata announces AmpliStor XT, the latest version of its system software featuring major enhancements in performance and functionality for handling Big Unstructured Data in media, online, scientific and live archive applications.


- Cisco and EMC, using resources from VMware, unveil new training initiative organised around specific disciplines and job roles with topics such as cloud architecture, virtualization, storage, data center networking and data science.